A tip from a reader pointed us to the Brooklynian message board, where a woman posted about being mugged in Park Slope this past week:

Tuesday night just after 11 pm I got mugged in Park Slope, on Park Place between 6th and 7th by two young African American women (this is a dark block with lots of big trees). I was robbed and bashed on the head by something that felt like a bottle (but may have been something else), and ended up in the hospital with stitches.The cops who came told me this is now a pattern - they are targeting women walking alone on dark streets and asking for directions, either to downtown or in my case, to Court Street. I screamed and they ran away, and grabbed my purse in the process. Please be careful, because they are not afraid to assault you. Previously, they tried to mug another woman on St. Johns, also in Park Slope, same m.o.

We contacted the 78th precinct for more information, and they told us there had been a "slight uptick" in robberies (they preferred to not call it a "mugging"): "Two people, both robberies, the same thing happened to them. They were asked for directions, then something was taken. Detectives are working on it, that's the pattern, that's it, just two," said Community Affairs Officer Galante. Have you heard of, or seen, anything like this in the neighborhood recently?