Yesterday, The Politicker reported that Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver "quietly" met with Governor Spitzer and Senate Leader Bruno (separately) and that congestion pricing was one of the topics discussed. Silver has publicly doubted the feasibility of Mayor Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan, leading the Mayor to go on the offensive and try to shame Silver and other lawmakers for holding up the legislation - especially when there's $500 million in federal funds for the taking.

Spitzer and Bruno both support the congestion pricing plan conceptually. A Spitzer spokesperson said of the meeting, "We're definitely trying to get movement," while City Hall told the Daily News, "he fact that people who for several weeks haven't had a conversation that we're aware of are sitting down to talk can only be seen as positive." And Silver's semi-aboutface is just in time for the Environmental Defense's video, which has kids rapping/asking "Sheldon Silver, do you care about the quality of our air?"

Streetsblog adds that Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, a vocal congestion pricing opponent, may have spoken incorrectly about the city not having mass transit expansion plans - stuck in Albany, there's a $300 million budget request for Bus Rapid Transit that city made.