Tonight may see the first real test of the Office of Emergency Management's mettle since the Great Wintry Mix Calamity of November 2018.

According to the National Weather Service, the evening portends a 20 percent chance of "isolated snow showers," which may well mean we all forfeit a good night's sleep to the grumbling of plows stalking up and down our streets. November's microblizzard was so horrendous that last week, the city vowed to activate a FULL SNOW RESPONSE when faced with even the specter of a light dusting (okay, two inches).

At time of writing, the Office of Emergency Management had its eyes trained vigilantly on the sky, monitoring the forecast for any threat of another paralyzing weather event. Reached Thursday afternoon, a spokesperson did not seem prepared to say whether or not the Snow Response would follow. In the wake of November's big disaster, though—three to six inches stalled drivers in traffic jams for hours, threw a thousand wrenches into air travel plans, felled trees, and generally flummoxed a city that had vaunted its preparedness mere hours before—nothing will be left to chance. Recall, city officials have vowed to send out the salt spreaders for "little to no snow," which would seem to be what we're looking at tonight.

Meanwhile, here are a few other treats The Weather has in store for us tonight: Temps bottoming out around 30, plus winds (gross) blowing at 10 to 15 mph. Some clouds could be involved.

The OEM has not yet announced a formal action plan, and although sending out the full winter fleet might sound like expensive overkill, I am flashing back to mid-afternoon on November 15th, when I laughingly assured you that everything would be fine w/r/t that one hypothetical inch of slush for which the Sanitation Department had assembled all its forces. Nothing was fine then, and I cannot guarantee that things will be fine tonight or ever again. You know what to do: