Last week, a reader wrote us to relate her bedbug tale of woe—she claimed that a mattress protector pad from Sleepy's came with a side dish of two bedbugs, and that Sleepy's had been uncooperative with her appeals to pay for fumigating her apartment. But it seems the reader's attempts to "apply some external pressure" onto the company worked—as we heard straight from the mouth of Sleepy's COO, Adam Blank: "She has been taken care of completely, and now she's a happy Sleepy's customer."

Blank called us earlier this week to confirm that he had become aware of the accusations after our story, the situation had been handled, and a deal had been worked out. He said he had spoken to the reader himself after her odyssey into the frustrating world of customer service, and noted, "we make our customers happy."

The reader previously told us that the company had acknowledged that the bedbugs were inside the pad, but Blank seemed a bit dubious about that, and said that it had never been fully established whether the dead adult and small living bug our reader found were in fact bedbugs:

A bedbug can't come out of a sealed package that comes directly from our manufacturer. Bedbugs feed on blood from humans, that's what they need to survive. In a sealed package that comes from a manufacturer, there's no food source for them to be alive.

We contacted the reader to ask whether Blank's summation of the situation was correct: "While I am not at liberty to discuss the details and wouldn't say I am a 'happy Sleepy's customer', I am satisfied with the outcome." For future reference, the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs told us that consumers in this situation should file a complaint with the DCA by calling 311 or using their online complaint form.