An avuncular MTA employee who was caught on camera sleeping inside the token booth at the City Hall R station has put in his request for retirement. The unidentified worker, whom we'll just call Sleepy, got in trouble earlier this month when NY1 obtained a photo of him with his face down in the booth. In an interview, Sleepy claimed he wasn't napping, just bent over to closely inspect the money, because, "I always check money and everything else and look at it carefully. Because I've found errors in the money, there are, slightly misprints, what do you call. In fact, I've shown clerks the same, what I've found."

Obviously, he's about ready for retirement. It's unclear whether the MTA's investigation into his drowsiness is going anywhere, but Transport Workers Union President John Samuelsen says Sleepy is not to blame—it's all the overtime the station agents have to work because of cutbacks! "I'm not defending anybody's behavior," Samuelsen tells NY1. "I'm pointing out that he worked 33 days in a row, and was 69 years old. And he would never had been able to work those 33 days in a row had Jay Walder not gone down this unnecessary road of laying off hundreds of station agents."

Jay Walder, the newish MTA chief, has been criticized by the union for being "out of touch," what with his Central Park West condo and a vacation home in the South of France. "It's very difficult work destroying New York City's mass transit system. We should give the guy a break," Samuelsen sarcastically says. "He deserves a little time in the South of France while the rest of New York is suffering from his actions."