A pair of DOT employees chose an ironic location to get a little shut-eye yesterday morning, opting to park their city-issued vehicle squarely in the center of the protected 2nd Avenue bike lane in Spanish Harlem.

According to a cyclist who sent us photos of the obstruction, the employees (one of whom is difficult to make out because of the glare) were fast asleep in the lane between 108th and 107th around 9:30 a.m. Asked about the photos, a DOT spokesperson said the workers were measuring markings on 2nd Avenue, and that the matter is under investigation.

Any vehicle owner knows that car interiors make excellent midday sleeping nests, and who are we to scold anyone for sneaking away to doze on the job? But as the stewards of Vision Zero, DOT workers are maybe the last city employees who should be pulling their cars across a parking lane, several feet of hatched buffering and into a protected bike lane for a nap. Hold yourselves to higher standards, guys. You're not cops.