Maybe she'll try for a narcolepsy defense? The Rikers Island Correctional Officer who was depicted sleeping on the job in this classic, almost cliche jail photo just can't keep her eyes open. Nadja Green has been busted for napping while guarding once before, according to the Post, which is teasing this story out like a burlesque dancer's boa. Sadly, there's no instant classic photo of Green's previou sleep violation, but this does complicate things for our snoring C.O.

Officials told the tabloid that Green was suspended for 30 days because of the "egregiousness of her failures," and now the department wants to fire her. And the co-worker who snapped the incriminating pic, Claudel Barrau, is also on the hot seat. He was suspended for 30 days without pay, because cellphones are not allowed in the facility—especially when they're used to embarrass the Correction Department!