Just in time for Halloween, the mysterious animal massacres in Prospect Park have returned, and they're more gruesome than ever! Earlier this week, local man Alex Gurevich found two bags in the park—one filled with animal guts and the other with a beheaded and gutted deer or goat carcass! The Brooklyn Paper reports that the bags were found at the edge of the park near Parkside Avenue and Parade Place, just 30 feet from each other.

Gurevich—who allegedly smelled the bags before spotting them—told them, “I initially thought it was a dog." He believes that this latest incident is part of a Santeria ritual—however, the animal parts that have been found have not been surrounded by the usual items involved in such rituals (grains, money, food).

Other dead animals found in the park this year have included a duck, a swan, a raccoon, a possum, several goslings, a dog, turtles and fish—some died of natural causes, others at the hands of man. We've contacted Eugene Patron at Prospect Park for comment, and he said they're currently trying to find out more about the incident.