[Updated Below] Karla Giraldo has taken the stand today in the trial against her boyfriend, State Senator Hiram Monserrate, who is accused of cutting her face with a broken glass in a jealous rage that required Giraldo to receive 40 stitches. After initial fears that prosecutors who subpoenaed Giraldo may have to treat her as a hostile witness, it appears she has been cooperative in her testimony. She admitted to being drunk when she arrived at Monserrate's apartment, contradicting of her grand jury testimony. And Girlado claims that the state senator was "jealous but not angry" upon finding another cop's PBA card on her.

Giraldo also testified that she does not trust the prosecution because she felt harassed by detectives and prosecutors after taking back initial accusations that Monserrate caused her injuries. She is likely to have to answer why she told a doctor that the incident was not an accident when she was first treated at the hospital. The defense claimed that there was a language barrier due to Giraldo's Ecuadorian descent, but the doctor she spoke to is bilingual.

Yesterday the trial heard from a detective who said that he found a bloody towel in the hallway, broken glass all over the apartment, and blood on the pillow cases and bed sheets.

Update: Giraldo broke down in tears and rushed from the courtroom when prosecutors began showing the surveillance video of Monserrate appearing to drag her down the stairs. When she returned, she asked not to have to watch the video again, but the judge said that she has no choice.