The NY State Police joined in the investigation of the Westchester police shooting of Pace University student Danroy "D.J." Henry. The 20-year-old football player was killed after a confrontation with police: Mount Pleasant police claimed that a Pleasantville cop knocked on Henry's window, but Henry accelerated, with the cop on his hood, so the cop fired; another police officer fired when Henry drove towards him. But one of Henry's passengers said, "We did nothing to provoke what happened. It was just an unjust situation that we happened to be in."

Brandon Cox, whose arm was grazed by a bullet, added, "He didn't and we didn't deserve anything that happened that night." Cox's mother told the Journal News, "D.J. started moving because he knew he was in the 'no parking' zone. As he was moving out, all of a sudden, another police officer jumps from behind a cruiser with gun drawn. D.J. didn't have time to stop, and hit him. Then they just started shooting." The police officer who apparently fired the fatal bullet was identified as Aaron Hess, 33, "a former New York City officer on the local force since 2003."

Police were at the strip mall, because a crowd formed outside a bar, which had thrown patrons out for fighting. Westchester DA Janet DiFiore said, "Witnesses will be interviewed, all evidence collected will be analyzed and video surveillance will be reviewed."