Friends and family of Misotos Familia, the Bronx police officer murdered in a sudden and random attack on the morning of July 5th, was remembered by her friends and family as a "tough girl" and a "warrior" in the immediate aftermath of her violent death.

Speaking to the Daily News, Familia's sister Adriana Sanchez said that Familia was "a very tough girl" who wanted to "protect the city from all those crazies." Raysa Galvez, the president of the Dominican Officers Association, told that paper that no one could find a single negative word to say about Familia, and that she was "always overextending herself to people."

Before becoming a police officer in 2005, Familia was also a patient care assistant at NYU for five years and worked for two years at the Red Cross, according to the News. She was also the mother of 12-year-old male and female twins, and a 20-year-old daughter attending college in London.

Familia's nephew, John Cuello, told the Times that Familia "was a warrior, tell you the truth," and that he recalled Familia, the youngest of ten children, standing up to her siblings and encouraging her nieces and nephews to confront their own problems directly.

"If we were in a circle in front of the junior high school, or in front of a building, she would be in the middle of everyone, making jokes, telling a story," Milton Castro, a childhood acquaintance from Familia's days growing up in Washington Heights, told the paper.

"Out of everyone I know, this is the last person that deserves something like this," correction officer Jay Rodriguez, who worked with Familia for a year, told PIX11.

Familia was shot in the head just after midnight on the morning of July 5th while sitting in a mobile command vehicle on the corner of East 183rd Street and Morris Avenue. She was rushed to Saint Barnabus Hospital after the shooting, but was pronounced dead after she arrived there. According to Police Commissioner James O'Neill, the command vehicle was in the area because of a recent shooting that had occurred.

Alexander Bonds, Familia's killer, was shot and killed by police after he fled the scene of the shooting. Responding officers say that they shot Bond after he pulled a silver revolver out while they chased him. Bond was a Queens resident on parole for a 2005 armed robbery in Syracuse according to the News, and had half a dozen other arrests according to the paper.

Bonds's ex-girlfriend told cops that Bonds was a paranoid schizophrenic who had stopped taking his medication, the Post reports.