Investigators discovered a sneaker and earphones belonging to Karina Vetrano, the jogger who was strangled and raped in a Queens marshland park. The news came yesterday as friends and family held a wake for her. A family friend said, "The person who did this was evil. They don't deserve to live on this earth."

The Post reports, "The single blue and gold New Balance sneaker and the earphones were found far apart in the vast Spring Creek Park, leaving investigators to believe that the savage murderer threw Vetrano’s belongings during the Tuesday attack, sources said." The Post also adds that evidence with "strong potential for DNA discovery" was recovered

At Spring Creek Park (Richard York

Vetrano, 30, was killed on Tuesday night, during her routine 5 p.m. run through Howard Beach. Her father who usually accompanied her, but didn't due to a back injury, called the police when she didn't return home or answer her phone. At 11 p.m., police tracked her cellphone to Spring Creek Park near 161 Avenue and 78 Street; her father, who had joined the search, was the first to see his daughter's body.

The medical examiner said that Vetrano was strangled, and police sources have said that she was brutally beaten, with her teeth knocked out, and sexually assaulted. Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said that she "put up a ferocious fight right until the end." Her hands were clutching weeds from the overgrown area.

Police borrowed an FBI drone to survey the area as dozens of officers combed the area for evidence.

The reward is now at $10,000 (Richard York

Vetrano, who had a master's in speech pathology from St. John's and was working at Vetro Restaurant and Wine Bar, had recently been a bridesmaid for her friend Alicia Scavetta. Scavetta's father Frank told PIX 11 that he called his daughter on her honeymoon to tell her about Vetrano's death, so she could hear it from him first instead of via social media, "She said, 'It's impossible. I was speaking to her every day. I was texting her last night.'... My daughter's in shock. Even my wife, too. Everyone's in shock. When you see someone who's full of life at 30 years old go like that, it's hard."

There is currently a $10,000 reward for information leading the police to an arrest in the case. A resident said, "You never know what's in those weeds. I would say it's dangerous."

Another neighbor said, "We’re all frightened now because we don’t know what to expect. We don’t feel safe in our own neighborhood anymore."

A funeral is being held for Vetrano today in Howard Beach. A family friend told NBC New York that they spoke to her father at the wake. "I said to him, 'Phil, for the first time, I don't know what to say.' He says, 'You can't say anything.'"