Today, the funeral of Omar Edwards, the off-duty police officer who was fatally shot by a fellow officer a week ago in Harlem, will take place at Our Lady of Victory Church on Throop Avenue in Brooklyn. Edwards is being given an "Inspector's Funeral," and will be posthumously promoted to detective first-grade. The Daily News explains the promotion will allow Edwards's widow and two young children to "collect death benefits based on a higher salary. Edwards' salary was $41,965 as a police officer. His benefits will be calculated based on a detective's pay of $104,081."

Edwards was killed when chasing a man suspected of breaking into his car. Edwards, who had just completed his shift as a housing patrol officer, chased the suspect with his gun drawn. A group of police officers saw the chase and one allegedly shouted at Edwards to drop his gun. But Edwards may have turned, while still holding his gun—and officer Andrew Dunton fired six times at him, hitting Edwards three times. The NY Post reports Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said whether a cops should pull their gun while "confront[ing] a suspect committing a nonviolent crime must use their own judgment about whether to pull a gun."

The NY Times obtained a copy of a preliminary NYPD report on the incident. The officers at the scene didn't realize that one of their own was killed; it was only after an ESU detective cut Edwards's sweatshirt away and saw a Police Academy t-shirt: "Detective Behrendt found Officer Edwards’s shield clipped to his front left pocket and for some reason dropped it onto the street."

According to the Daily News, Dunton has had four complaints against him in the past four years (less than 10% of cops get one complaint in one year), with two for excessive force. Dunton has made an impressive number of arrests and a source said,
"He's active because he cares about doing his job and patrolling East Harlem. It's his work that lets kids play outside at night and old people to walk home safely."