Eyes, look your last! Arms, take your last embrace! The Juliet Supper Club may not be long for this world. Police are still investigating, and have yet to make any arrests relating to, the shooting that took place at the celebrity-filled Chelsea club on Monday night and in the meantime it is closed indefinitely. And, possibly worse for the beleaguered hotspot, the State Liquor Authority is now investigating the club. considering there have been two deaths there since September, the SLA may well soon seal its fate with a righteous kiss.

"We're obviously aware of both of the incidents," said Bill Crowley, a spokesman for the SLA told DNAinfo, referring to this week's shooting and a stabbing in September. "Once the police are done with their investigation, we'll be looking into it." In the club's favor? Until this investigation the space had no prior violations since it was issued a license in 2004. But that may not mean much.

Just to be on the safe side Juliet has canceled its no-cover Monday night party and tells us it is keeping its doors shut indefinitely as staff are trained in "additional security measures." Though how much more security the club can add without putting off already bothered clubgoers is an open question. It already has a mandatory coat check, security guards doing pat downs and undercover cops hanging outside. Plus, it is worth remembering, the club scene is a fickle one. Will Juliet rise again? Only time will tell.