2005_09_bldglights.jpgTake your stunning New York City nighttime pictures before midnight, as buildings will have to turn off the lights outside the 40th floor for the birds. Birds are flying south for the winter, and NYC Audobon officials says that hundreds of birds get injured or die because skyscraper's lights can confuse them. The NY Post points out that the Empire State Building's lights have caused numerous injuries over the years and now turns its lights off at midnight, but the Chrysler Building still keeps its on. The initiative, Lights Out New York, will run through October, and officials are also asking people who live in "low-rise buildings along the river" to either turn off or draw the blinds. Buildings that would be prime targets for buildings would be the Richard Meier Perry Street bulidings, but since no one really seems to live there (every time Gothamist takes a cabs on the West Side Highway, there are never any lights on in any of the buildings), it's not a big worry.

This past May, the city and Audobon asked buildings to turn off their lights, which is when we guess the birds come back. And learn more from the Audobon about Project Safe Flight.