The latest happy tidings from that fountain of good news named Albany warn that ballooning pension costs may drain local government coffers in the next six years. As reported in today's NY Times, an analysis from the state comptroller's office forecasts that state pension costs will triple to $8 billion by 2015, and the only solution is—you guessed it—there isn't one! Upset by that prospect, NY State Association of Counties Director Stephen J. Acquario tells the Times: "It’s alarming, eye-popping and unthinkable...Where is this money going to come from?" In keeping with local custom, no one in Albany can agree on an answer. Governor Paterson wants to limit pensions for new workers, while Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli thinks instead that counties should borrow money from the state to cover the costs. Others believe a tax increase will have to be in the offing, but of course, the legislature is a bit indisposed at the moment. A strong economic recovery could help matters, but what's the bottom line here? Cut benefits or bottom out, says Zvi Bodie at the Boston University School of Management: "Going forward, we’re going to have to promise less."