082808sun.jpgTime, once again, to break out the tiny violins. It's hard living in luxury condos with commanding views! The Wall Street Journal has a long article on the trials and tribulations bravely endured by those whose floor-to-ceiling windows are turning their high rise apartments into hot boxes. It seems that some people don't realize that their expansive view of the Hudson also comes with too much damn sunlight! Can't the local community boards do anything about this sun business? Surely it's violating the zoning laws. And it's making the inside of Sara Antani's $1.5 million apartment stinking hot, bleaching her $20,000 sectional and forcing her to wear sunglasses just to read her Panache magazine. Your heart better be bleeding, because the only alternative for these unfortunates is to throw around a lot of money – Antani dropped $12,000 – installing expensive motorized shades. Who says the poor pay more? [Via Curbed]