233951786_19dadf6131_m.jpgLast year 43% of readers voted that that NYPD's Sky Watch was useless. Now Animal New York reports on the retractable 20-foot-tall watchtower and now it's popping up in more and more neighborhoods (they name Crown Heights, Harlem and DUMBO as a few). More recently one of the temporary watchtowers has been erected on Graham Avenue and Moore Street, which they pinpoint as "the Bushwickish section of Williamsburg." Allegedly this one is for some robberies that have taken place in the area, but shouldn't it be moved over to Williamsburg proper for, you know, the recent rash of machete stabbings? We did, however, get some reader tips this week of one stabbing that took place on Bushwick Avenue and Flushing last weekend, where a young man was slashed with a box cutter, despite nothing being taken from him.