It is not everyday that you see a vehicle that screams, "Return my treasures to me, and I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla." But that is just how we felt today when a tipster sent in the photo above of an enormous Amazon delivery truck in Brooklyn decked out with spikes, chains, skulls, brass knuckles, a Punisher emblem, and the kind of post-apocalyptic steampunk aesthetic that could make Immortan Joe jealous.

"From behind, I saw it was trying to turn from New York Avenue onto Atlantic and overshot the turn, causing a deep backup of traffic on Atlantic during rush hour," tipster Katharine, who spotted the vehicle around 8 a.m. this morning, told us. "From the front, I saw it was decorated as some terrifying homage to Mad Max????" She also noticed that there appears to be an upside down "thin blue line" flag underneath the passenger door, though at this point that is probably the 30th most terrifying thing about the vehicle—like the fact that Dean Street is not a legal trucking route.

While we've never seen it in the flesh, the vehicle is understandably very noticeable, and has gained quite the following on certain message boards. The truck has New Jersey plates, and the driver identifies himself as Ira in the very informative video below; you can also see his full name, Ira Ricardo Forbes, on the side of the truck (he's also identified as the truck's driver on this trucking website). In the video, Forbes says it took him five years to put the truck together, and he gets stopped by DOT regularly: "It used to be three or four times a week...the Northeast is rough...I gotta make sure my paperwork is always right."

Forbes, who has several distinctive face tattoos, has YouTube and Facebook accounts, both named Wicked Intent Semi, dedicated to the vehicle; in one of his most recent posts, he noted he was in Brooklyn this morning. In some of the videos, like the one below, he captures the shocked reactions of people on the streets.

Forbes was arrested for disorderly conduct in 2014 when he was in a confrontation with demonstrators outside of the Market Basket headquarters in Tewksbury, Massachusetts; he was allegedly holding a hammer at the time. His attorney later said that Forbes feared for his safety during the confrontation, which is why he had the hammer, and he was in fact the victim.