City Harvest, the non-profit that "rescues" food that would otherwise be thrown away (example, food leftover from restaurants and schools - you've seen their vans around), has a great fundraiser right now: Skip Lunch, Fight Hunger on Wednesday, May 12, where people donate what they would have spent on lunch to City Harvest. As they break it down:

$5 (a fancy coffee drink) - could help feed two children for a week.
$10 (a deli soup and sandwich) - could help feed a child for a month.
$25 (a sushi lunch) - could help feed one child for the entire summer.


So forgo your Frappuccino! You can donate individually or gather up a team at work - the team that donates the most money get cocktails for 40 at Le Bernardin. For more information, check out the site. Also, City Harvest has a number of volunteer opportunities, from helping drivers pick up food to collecting food from Greenmarket farmers.