- Crema-Lita, challenger to the stranglehold that Tasti D-Lite has on New Yorkers who want diet simulacrums of real desserts, cannot say that their desserts are low-calorie or low-fat. Crema Lita, instead, will have to rely on the selling points of being "soft," "cold," "sweet," and "available." The investigation into Crema Lita's supposedly low-calorie, low-fat status began last December, which then started a confusing attempt to understand HOW many calories are in Crema Lita: They claimed 60 calories per 4. oz, the FDA mistakenly found 88 calories; it's now settled at 71 calories, which is still 31 calories more than "low-fat." Gothamist sits assured now, after reading the final line of the Times article: "In its continued efforts to protect New Yorkers from inadvertently sabotaging their diets, the agency said it was also investigating Tasti D-Lite and Smoochies, other retailers that sell 'frozen dessert products' in New York City." NO! Tasti D-Lite can't have been lying to us...can they? Of course, this investigation must have had roots in the Seinfeld episode, The Non-Fat Yogurt.


- When a tow truck towed her BMW, Queen resident Yan Li jumped onto a running board and clung to the side of the truck. Driver Donald Wilson naturally didn't stop, and when Li tried to call 911 from her cellphone, he reached over and disconnected the call. Luckily, Li's friend saw what was happening and call the police. The Times reported that earlier, Li was trying to negotiate with Wilson not to tow her car, but then Wilson got a call from his company saying he needed to return. Wilson was charged with reckless endangerment and had his tow truck impounded; Li was not charged and uninjured (he drove at 20 MPH) - plus she got her car.