perry_ave.jpgAn unsettling story out of the Norwood section of the Bronx today. The body of Florence Bock, 84, was found in her home after she had been missing for at least four years. The house had been recently bought in a foreclosure sale after property taxes had not been paid for the last three years. Bock's skeleton was found next to a cane when a cleaning crew for the real estate developer who bought the property went into the building on Friday.

What's so sad to Gothamist is that Bock was missing for four years and nobody seems to have made much effort to look for her. Neighbors told the Post they remember seeing her move her car for alternate-side street cleaning but that she was otherwise a "phantom". Wouldn't someone have noticed that she was no longer moving her car? An unrelated Florence Bock, who also lived in the Bronx, would occasionally received the dead woman's mail, but had no reason to call her for several years.

Police don't believe her death was suspicious, but the Medical Examiner is scheduled to examine the remains today to determine the cause of death.