It's Bryant Park-going plebes versus the fashion plates! The Daily News has an article about how Bryant Park wants the fashion shows out (or auf, if you like) this February, so the park can keep its free skating rink, The Pond, open. Dan Biderman, the head of the Bryant Park, says, "The public hates the [fashion] shows, except the public who goes to them, and they want the ice rink in the winter and they want the ability to use Bryant Park the way they always use it, sitting under the trees and reading or talking or eating." So true! The fashion tents, though glamorous seeming, are just huge blobs for the rest of us. However, Vogue editor Anna Wintour deigns to give the Daily News a quote:

"We need a very, very large place and we need something that's very central and convenient for all the press and media coverage that the fashion industry quite rightly garners, and nobody has come up with anything that's as good as Bryant Park."

Wintour also believes Mayor Bloomberg will come out on fashion's side in the dispute (apparently Lincoln Center and sites on the West Side waterfront haven't been acceptable). Hey! Why not the Javits Center? It's not glamorous, but it's sorta central - and it's near Chelsea clubs! Then if not that, why not Lower Manhattan -we're sure the Mayor could cook up a good deal.

Would you rather ice skating or fashion shows be in Bryant Park?