2006_05_etniesskateramp.JPGIt's skateboarders versus the neighborhood as Soho residents and city agencies are eyeing the Greene Street skate shop, Etnies, for its rooftop skate ramp in a historical district. The Landmarks Preservation Commission said, "We received an application from the company, but it was never completed. So the ramp was never approved." Ha - that's totally feeding into the stereotype of irresponsible skaters! Residents have also complained about the noise from the ramp; the Post says that the ramp was "built without protective fencing or construction permits", too! Wow, that is pretty underground. But best of all is Etnies' statement:

"As skateboarders, we are used to this kind of resistance - but it doesn't hold us back! The mini-ramp will continue to be a great investment for etnies in the event the city forces us to remove it. We will donate it directly to New York skateboarders and transport it over to our friends at KCDC [skateboard shop] in Brooklyn who will keep their neighbors awake."

Touche! We suppose the downtown skaters will just head to Union Square, Washington Square Park, or Lafayette Street (which is like skater central at times).

And New York Magazine looks at the uncertain future of the skate park at the Greenpoint Terminal Market.