One day, you're anonymously trashing a woman who badmouthed you to your boyfriend. Months later, because the woman is upset about being called a "psychotic, lying, whoring..skank," your identity has given up by Google! Unmasked Skanks in NYC blogger Rosemary Port tells the Daily News about her planned $15 million suit against Google (her website was on Google-owned Blogger), "When I was being defended by attorneys for Google, I thought my right to privacy was being protected. But that right fell through the cracks. Without any warning, I was put on a silver platter for the press to attack me. I would think that a multi-billion dollar conglomerate would protect the rights of all its users."

Port's target, model Liskula Cohen, had said of Port on Good Morning, America, "Thank God it was her… she's an irrelevant person in my life. She's just somebody that, whenever I would go out to a restaurant, to a party in New York City… She was just that girl that was always there." Cohen also added she would sue Port for defamation, because the skankusations affected her business. Port now says, "By going to the press, she defamed herself. Before her suit, there were probably two hits on my Web site: One from me looking at it, and one from her looking at it. That was before it became a spectacle."

Cohen's lawyer now says she won't sue Port, "My client is walking away from it," the lawyer said. "She's said, 'It adds nothing to my life to hurt hers.' Liskula has offered her forgiveness. But even after she has been forgiven, [Port] has no interest in redeeming her soul."