Earlier this week, a judge ordered Google to reveal the e-mail and IP address of the person behind the Skanks in NYC blog, which was dedicated to trashing former model Liskula Cohen. Cohen appeared on TV Wednesday, explaining that she knew the blogger socially while declining to reveal her name. But yesterday, after Cohen filed a $3 million defamation lawsuit against her nemesis, court papers at last revealed the blogger's identity: one Rosemary Port, an unemployed nightclub hostess, "promoter," and telemarketer.

Naturally, the Post stalked her at her Lower East Side apartment, where she was spotted leaving with boyfriend Daniel Dimin, also a "promoter" (here's his Facebook page, which definitely shows him looking the part). Port refused to comment as she got into a waiting Town Car, but Dimin called a Post reporter a "scumbag," adding, "You wish you had my life." Apparently, Dimin's connection with Cohen was what sparked Port's skank-attack; sources tell the tabloid Port was upset when she learned the model had been talking trash about her to Dimin.

Last night Cohen she told her lawyer to drop the defamation lawsuit, and she says her change of heart is so not because Port is unemployed and probably not a millionare, but because, "It adds nothing to my life to hurt hers. I wish her happiness. This is about forgiveness." And a little payback, which Cohen got yesterday when Port was exposed. In a statement, the 29-year-old Florida native says, "I'm shocked that my right to privacy has been tampered with." Her lawyer says he's going to take legal action against Google and, if necessary, will take the case all the way to the US Supreme Court, billable hours be damned!

Oh, and Cohen actually put the fear into fearsome Post apparatchik Andrea Peyser when the two took a walk yesterday. Peyser says the model flipped out after she wrote down Cohen's remark that her grandmother wouldn't want to see her smoking: "'What are you doing?' she snarled. 'Leave my family out of this! What do you think -- I'm a f- - -ing asshole?' she said, staring straight into my eyes while unleashing a torrent of curses that nearly made me lose my pen. 'That isn't nice, is it? IS IT?!!' she demanded. 'Um, no. Not nice,' I stammered." Rosemary Port clearly had no idea who she was messing with.