A 15-year-old Jersey City boy was arrested last night in Lower Manhattan for stealing an iPhone on the PATH train in a PAPD operation that involved six plainclothes officers. PAPD spokesman Al Della Fave tells us that the boy was observed riding back and forth between Exchange Place and the World Trade Center stations for just over an hour looking for targets, and just after 8:10 p.m., he allegedly grabbed a rider's iPhone before being detained at Exchange Place. iPhone thieves: those six people on the train probably are watching you!

Della Fave notes that the boy was implicated in two other robberies, and that the PAPD cobbled together a description of him from other victims' accounts. "We advise people to just be aware when they're on the train—young people want Droids and iPhones and so you have to be careful." Indeed, half of the nearly 16,000 robberies on the MTA between January and October of last year involved electronics, not cash.

PATH trains: a bad place to steal iPhones, a not-so-terrible venue to give birth.