Politics is definitely a weird thing when Peter Kalikow gets another term as MTA Chairman. Stupid State Senate, for reconfirming him! Kalikow wants to see some big projects finished (the 7 line extension, LIRR connection to Grand Central, South Ferry station's rebulid, the Fulton Street Transit Center, and the Second Avenue subway), and told the State Senate:

I work for the people of the State of New York. That's who I believe are my bosses - not the governor, not the mayor, not the Legislature ... as long as I thought I could serve them [the taxpayers] well, I would stay.

While he was appointed during Mario Cuomo's term (and by Cuomo), Kalikow has really seemed like a Pataki flunky, and therefore ineffective when it comes down to the small stuff, like accounting and customer satisfaction. Or even getting a good real estate deal for the West Side railyards. Attorney general and gubernatorial frontrunner Eliot Spitzer hates what Kalikow has done to the MTA, but won't be able to oust him. Which led the Straphangers to say, "An MTA chair must enjoy the full faith and confidence of the state's new chief executive," as in - be a pal and just step off. And you better believe the Transport Workers Union is up in arms.