As if roller coasters weren't unpleasant enough, a few unlucky souls who chose to ride Six Flags Great Adventure's Nitro coaster had to climb down the 230-foot-tall ride after it got stuck near its crest yesterday.

The incident happened at the New Jersey park Friday afternoon, as the roller coaster train full of passengers crawled towards the top of the ride. Nitro, billed as a "hypercoaster," has one of the biggest drops in the park. Sadly, riders didn't get to experience that 215-foot comedown thanks to a power outage; instead, park employees had to climb the access stairs to free the passengers, who then had to climb all the way down. Thankfully, no one was injured.

The park shut the ride down briefly, but it has since reopened. A spokesperson with Six Flags sent us the following statement:

Yesterday evening the ride was stopped at the top of the initial climb, as it is designed to do for safety reasons. Our rides have sophisticated computerized systems that can cause such ride stoppages. All guests were safely removed from the ride within 23 minutes. Following standard safety checks by park staff, the ride was re-opened less than an hour later.

At least it wasn't this guy!