2008_06_heat3.jpgThe NYC Medical Examiner's office says six residents died from the heat wave which saw temperatures soar to record-breaking levels in high humidity. The victims all died of hyperthermia (aka heat stroke)-- 57-year-old man, 74-year-old woman, and 84-year-old man in Brooklyn; a 70-year-old woman, an 84-year-old woman, and an 89-year-old man in Queens--and five of them died on Tuesday, the hottest day, in their homes. (Back in 2006, there were 20-23 heat wave-related deaths.)

The American Geriatrics Society explained to the NY Times that elderly people are "more susceptible to heatstroke because the thirst sensation dulls with age, and the ability to perspire decreases," not to mention other factors like medications being taken, income and isolation. The ME's office also said, "We are investigating other deaths to determine if they were heat-related."

NJ utilities report that only (!) 20,000 homes are still without power (there are about 150 Con Ed customers without power). Overall, the weather was much more bearable yesterday as temperatures were in the mid-80s and the humidity was in the 50% range; today's weather will be similar: high of 85, humidity at 64%.

Photograph by IrishNYC on Flickr