Police arrested six people and recovered a bundle of drugs and a credit-card skimming machine at a notorious drug den in East Flatbush on Thursday night, according to a report by the website CrownHeights.info. Cops swarmed the house at 704 Lefferts Ave. in the evening and arrested five people, two women and three men. The sixth, 29-year-old Aaron Akaberi, allegedly fled, prompting a helicopter search.

NYPD sources told the blog that Akaberi used ladders to escape to the roof of the Bnos Menachem Girls School around the corner on East New York Avenue, where cops found him after a 30 minute search. Inside the Lefferts Avenue house that cops say Akaberi calls home, officers reportedly found cocaine, crystal meth, marijuana, Xanax, drug scales, and a credit card skimmer.

A police spokeswoman said details of the bust, including the names of the other suspects, are not available, likely because an investigation is ongoing. She said Akaberi's arrest came out of a search warrant on the house. Akaberi is facing 17 charges, 8 of them felonies, including drug possession with intent to distribute, trespassing, resisting arrest, and possession of a forgery device.

CrownHeights.info recounted neighbors praising the raid as long overdue, though one local lamented that the four male suspects were Jewish, saying, "It is such a shame to see Jewish kids arrested, but this was a bad house and it brought many bad people to the area."

Akaberi has been arrested on drug charges before, once for allegedly stashing two guns, one an AR-15 assault rifle, along with psychedelic mushrooms, hallucinogenic pills, pot, and acid in a closet at a Jewish youth center in Crown Heights. This spring, according to CrownHeights.info, he was arrested again for allegedly trying to sneak a duffel bag containing speed and weed out of a van after cops pulled its driver over for an alleged hit-and-run.

A police spokeswoman did not have records of those arrests, but Akaberi does have an open case for alleged unlicensed driving dating to 2013, and, according to the spokeswoman, a sealed arrest from 2012.

A man who shares Akaberi's name and is about the same age appeared on the Daily Show back in 2006 after staging a hunger struck at SUNY Binghamton over the school's refusal to provide appropriate food 24/7 after his supposed conversion to Rastafarianism.