Look, we know that sitting down is going to kill us. We've been warned many times before about how excessive sitting can make us fat, give us heart problems and even cancer, but until now, we've been at least figured we're in the clear mentally while our physical selves fall to pieces. Whoops.

New research shows that the more you sit, the more you have risk for both a higher body mass index score (read: getting fat) and decreased mental well-being. It's a vicious cycle, really: as you continue to sit and expand in girth, you feel progressively sh*ttier about yourself and lose what little motivation you had to get up and move around even slightly. One researcher recommends that office workers set themselves a post-it note on their computer to remind them to get up, and encouraged talking to your coworkers in real life, not just on AIM from across your cubicle. But hey, don't take our word for it—go check out the terrifying truth about sitting down.