2008_12_sitt.jpgSeizing upon the news that developer Joe Sitt, who apparently abandoned his billion plans for Coney Island, had put a number of boardwalk businesses for rent, the NY Post calls him "The Grinch Who Stole Coney Island." Lola Staar Boutique owner Dianna Carlin told the paper, "He's literally kicking us out Christmas Eve by not even trying to negotiate new leases with us." The Post reports, "While some merchants allege Sitt is essentially booting them off the boardwalk by informally offering new leases with jacked up rents he knows they can't afford, others like Carlin haven't even received an offer." Sitt is trying to sell his property to the city, but it's unclear how those negotiations are going. Astroland owner Carol Albert said she packed up her rides in case there's no deal, but she hopes to take them out of storage for a possible Astroland re-opening, "I'm playing the long shot."