A nun who embezzled $850K from Iona college and threw it all into Atlantic City's slot machines was given a lenient sentence by a Manhattan judge last week. According to the Post, Judge Kimba Wood gave Sister Marie Thornton—known as Sister Susie—2,000 hours of community service and three years probation instead of three years in federal prison. We knew Sister Act was a bad influence on the Church.

Using a corporate card given to her by Iona, Thornton would spend as much as $10K in a weekend, traveling to AC with friends who had no idea whose money she was spending. "She covered by the thousands she would lose by systematically submitting false vendor invoices for reimbursement," US Attorney Preet Bharara tells the paper.

Thornton, cast off from the order she served for 48 years, now spends her days in isolation at a Philadelphia convent, and isn't allowed to leave except for trips to her counselor and group therapy. "She can't even go to the store and get milk," a source says. "My belief is she will never be allowed to have contact with people again." Good thing she avoided jail time for the compassionate bosom of the Catholic Church.

Her attorney claimed at trial that she gambled because of the abuse she suffered as a child: "She was able to stop the suffering internally." At her sentencing, Thornton said her exile has "been long, in isolation, in pain and in shame, and in humiliation that I can’t even begin to describe, but because I have suffered through it, I’m stronger, I’m better and I’m grateful.”