Tonight, a vigil is planned in Queens to draw attention to dangerous traffic conditions after 8-year-old Noshat Nahian was fatally struck by an unlicensed tractor-trailer driver on Friday. His family is also reeling, with his mother pleading, "I want a school guard there so this doesn’t happen to any other parent."

Noshat was walking to school with his 11-year-old sister Nousin on Friday morning before 8 a.m. when they were crossing Northern Boulevard at 61st Street. The kids had the light. At the same time, a tractor-trailer was making a left turn onto Northern Boulevard, and the vehicle hit the boy.

Nousin told the Post, "The truck was moving, and it hit him. He fell on his back and he was crying, ‘Nishat, help me! Nishat, help me!’ Then the tire went over his face. I went to hold my brother, but people came and took me away. I was shouting and crying. I ran home to get my mother."

The driver, Mauricio Osorio-Palominos, 51, was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of motor vehicle and operating a vehicle in violation of safety rules. The Post adds, "His bosses at Roadtex Transportation had wrong­ly claimed they weren’t required to check his driver’s license, which was suspended in New York." The NY Times reports, "Roadtex Transportation Corporation has been sued multiple times for negligence, including six times in the tristate area, and its trucks have been involved in several fatal collisions, court records show."

Noshat's father told the Daily News that they "had just moved his family to their basement apartment in Woodside about a month ago. They were going to move back to their native Dhaka, Bangladesh, but little Noshat pleaded to stay in the U.S." The father said, 'He really liked the environment of his school and the neighborhood, a lot more than in Bangladesh. If I left this country, my son wouldn’t have died." The family is looking for donations to help with burial expenses.

The vigil is tonight at 5 p.m. at the corner of Northern Boulevard and 61st Street.