2006_05_outandabout.jpgThere's nothing like calling it like you see it: CC on citynoise had an unfortunate encounter wtih an exposed man on a 7 train. Well, more accurately, the whole train car had the encounter, but CC actually did something about it while on a Friday night Flushing-bound train:

He was watching us from underneath his sunglasses, hoping that we'd notice. I took out my camera phone and snapped some pictures. He tried to cover his face with his Archie book and his hands but he couldn't keep that up. After I was sure I had him, I yelled, "Sir, your penis is out." I wanted everyone on the train to know what kind of person he is. He stayed very still, perhaps hoping everyone would think he was sleeping or that he'd blend into the background. I told him that I've taken pictures and that they are going to the NYPD and websites. As soon as the train stopped at Junction Blvd. he began moving again and ran out of the train. I called him a pervert on his way out.

You can see a bigger photograph of the pervy perp on citynoise, and besides flashing being gross and unsettling, it's really really gross to have genitalia on the train seats. When will a manufacturer of inexpensive, biodegradable, lightweight Hazmat suits emerge?

CC filed a report at the police precinct, giving them the cameraphone pictures. Could the perp be this guy from March? At any rate, hats off to CC for her conviction.