2007_08_arts_hms.jpgForbes has released the results of their 7th annual Best Cities for Singles poll, and unlike last year...NYC is in the top 3, ranking #2 overall. An unprecedented rating for us!

According to their results, out of 14,104,498 -- 33% of us are unmarried. Add that to the fact that we're (apparently) the 32nd drunkest city...and voilà! We're a top city for attracting the single class. This island is not unlike Neverland, so it's not surprising that no one seems to grow up and "settle down," but just because it's a Forbes-approved fun place for the unattached to reside, doesn't mean the Big Apple is a good place for singles to find the big L. Perhaps the new Facebook application, that helps those with a Metrocard and internet access connect, will help.

The ranking was based on "culture, nightlife, job growth, the cost of living alone, online dating, the number of other singles and that ever-elusive quality, cool," you can read more about their methodology here. It's all fun and games til those New Victorians take over, kids. And when that happens, here are some tips for dining solo.