40-year-old self-made millionaire Cheryl Mercuris somehow landed in the headlines yesterday for simply taking a two-week family vacation in the Hamptons (well, the house she's renting is pretty epic). Today the NY Post follows up with the lovelorn lady, who is searching for suitors during her spare time in the beach town—unsurprisingly, she's been flooded with phone calls, emails and Facebook friend requests.

Well, who isn't looking for a wealthy cougar?! One gent wrote in, "I'm a young guy working in the brokerage business right here in Long Island. I would like to show you around." A 29-year-old told her she was "beautiful" and wrote, "Next time when you are in Manhattan I would like to take you to dinner or just drinks. I know my age might scare you but I am a very mature, hard working businessman."

Mercuris—who currently lives in Florida and has made her money starting a telemarketing firm—told the paper, "It was worth every penny. I've never had more fun, and I've never met as many exciting people and such friendly people—not to mention the publicity."