Have you heard of Lauren Hildebrandt? Well, she's a pop singer, according to USA Today, and she was apparently bit by a bed bug in a "unidentified luxury hotel...in New York City's Union Square neighborhood." Hildebrandt will not identify the hotel while the case is being investigated, but says the establishment is being "very good in their response to the situation so far." She also warns her fans about the dangers of sleeping in such opulence: "People should be aware of the danger in NYC hotels right now. I couldn't sleep at night, because I kept thinking they were in my bed." Someone tell Bieber he's in terrible danger!

In other bed bug news, Governor Paterson signed a second bed bug law this week, which requires health officials to notify parents if bed bugs are found on school premises. Bill sponsor Assemblyman Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria) told the Daily News, "We have an epidemic, and the best tool we have is education to keep bedbugs from spreading."

Gianaris proposed the law in 2007 when bed bugs were found at 11 Queens schools. The new law requires officials to tell the parents association and the parents of any child who may have come into contact with a bed bug, rather than just the parents of an affected child. Queens parents seemed thankful about the new law. One mother said, "They send letters out if a child gets lice, and this is so much worse. We have to be notified." However, since exterminators are sent to infested schools only after a dead bed bug has been sent to a lab, parents may just have to send their kids off to an inevitable infestation.