Welcome, all, to our own Singapore style police state! From the NY Times:

New York City will begin tomorrow morning randomly checking bags at subway stations, commuter railways and on buses, officials announced today in the wake of the terrorist bombings in London. This is the first time the city has undertaken such a security effort of this scale on the commuter transportation system.

Police Commissioner Kelly says, "It might slow individuals down, but we will do it in a reasonable way." Dude, this is opening up about a thousand incidents where people freak out when they see their train coming in and the NYPD is checking is a bag. And don't get Gothamist wrong - we love safety. It's just that our pipedreams of "Dildos by Subway," "Open Bottles of Alcohol Express" and "FDA Unapproved Cheeses Underground" are now practically impossible! So get ready to show off your newspapers, magazines, lunch, "work" shoes, etc. in the coming days.

We can't wait to hear what the Straphangers say, but what do you think?