Parade arrangements are still forthcoming, but this we do know: a Manhattan jury acquitted former QB Chris Simms of driving under the influence of marijuana after under two hours of deliberation, DNA Info reports. After shockingly not deploying the "Rasta Defense," Simms had his friend testify earlier today that he was actually The Smoker, and not Simms. Clearly, the system works; which is what Simms is conveying with this hand gesture.

Speaking to reporters outside the courthouse, a righteous Simms said "There were a lot of things portrayed falsely. I love the NYPD, but I'm mad that this happened." Simms also described the pain his wife felt from the whole ordeal, saying "She's been portrayed as the bad mother who lets her husband smoke marijuana and hot box the car. So that was rough on her."

Though Simms's mugshot is somewhat damning, the prosecution didn't do any favors leaning on the patently ridiculous testimony of Officer Acosta, who claimed that Simms acted like a "zombie" and that his tongue became numb after smelling the marijuana on Simms's breath. Perhaps the prosecution should have simply asked the football player the definition of "hot-boxing."