Back in October, Mayor Bloomberg said, via a conversation he had with the Daily News (which then, of course, wrote about it), that he wanted Larry Silverstein to give up his role in rebuilding the World Trade Center. Silverstein holds the lease down there, and he's been criticized for delaying the start of construction (whereas the Port Authority has been, relatively speaking, zipping along with building their new PATH station and mall). So, today, Silverstein gets his jabs in with a an editorial in the News, which recounts him trying to explain to Mayor Bloomber why thing are going so slowly and why there needs to be millions and millions of new office square feet. Here is some of it:

I explained this to Michael. I said, "Michael, this is a 7-acre site. The excavation is large and deep. Therefore the amount of cubic yards of earth and refuse that is going to be pulled out of there is enormous. At its height, there will be 2,000 vehicles a day working in and around the site."

As you can begin to understand, as he began to comprehend, the magnitude of the effort affecting this part of the city will be enormous. Getting through all this will be difficult, and I said, "Michael, the reason I'm telling you this is that this is the Port Authority's responsibility to accomplish. So the people who are telling you I'm the cause of delay are giving you misinformation. ..."

Excuses! Other things we gleaned: Bloomberg still apparently really wants residential space to be built downtown, and Silverstein thinks Bloomberg is becoming manic depressive. It's really good - we urge you to read it, because it pretty insane. Next, we hope that the News gives Assembly Sheldon Silver a chance to cry about how he doesn't have any political friends anymore.