Guess who wasn't a fan of Eliot Spitzer's underminer-y interview with the NY Times about Andrew Cuomo and Cuomo's potential as governor? Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver! The powerful lawmaker told the Daily News, "I think Eliot Spitzer, for one reason or another, walked away, and he should refrain from being critical of other people who have his job and are looking to aspire to be governor." BURN!

Spitzer told the Times that while Cuomo has a tough guy persona, "It’s easy to be tough if the selection of one’s target is driven by politics," and questioned whether Cuomo's pursuit of wrongdoing by Wall Street firms was enough, suggesting, " more granular, harder work" would have been more "disruptive." He also sort of dissed Cuomo's dad, former governor Mario Cuomo, and said he wasn't sure if he'd even vote for Cuomo this fall.

Silver also knocked down any idea of a Spitzer comeback, no matter how entertaining that would be, "I don't think Eliot Spitzer is running for anything. I think the polling dictates the public has, for whatever reason, rejected him as a candidate. I think the best way for him to rehabilitate himself is probably to be quiet for a while and not focus attention on himself."