We saw this ad on the Daily Show, during Lewis Black's segment about the commercialization of September 11, but we thought it was a joke: How could there be a coin created from silver mined from Ground Zero? Besides being unspeakably tacky and horrible, it just didn't compute. Luckily, reader Dan emailed us to with a link to the actual site about the Freedom Tower silver dollar coming from National Collectors Mint, which also traffics in an A-Rod quarter and a Ronald Reagan silver dollar. Dan even posted the MPEG of the Daily Show clip so you can see for yourself that the shilling of September 11 has created new markets not just for the street vendors selling Patriot Day t-shirts on Church Street but also for opportunists across the country. This makes Gothamist sick, angry, and wondering about a NYC secession.

MemeFirst on the symbolism of Freedom Tower's height. Ground Zero workers, who probably never realized they were mining silver, are suing over exposure to toxic elements and other Ground Zero coverage from Newsday, plus Gothamist on September 11, 2004.