Where do the iconic neon signs of yesteryears Times Square go after they've served their purpose? Used to be they went back to their manufacturer apparently. But nowadays, since we live in a time when neon lighting "is now being considered an art form, like hand painting or stained glass," they can go to the highest bidder.

Classic Broadway based display manufacturer Artkraft Strauss is set to auction off "100 of the signs and drawings that became the symbol of 20th century New York". Oddly enough though, the auction is going to be held at Freeman's auction house in the would-be sixth borough.

Among the signs being sold will be the sign for the original 1962 run of The Sound of Music, a hand-drawn diagram for the above smoke-ring blowing Camel sign, a model of the Coca-Cola billboard which used to drink itself and more. If you've got a couple tens of thousands of bucks to spare (and a place to put a giant glowing sign!) the auction will be held on Thursday.

The infamous smoke-ring blowing Camel sign (1941-66) via factsfacts.