MetroNaps; Photo: Fast Company

Given that some morning commutes are like military campaigns, some work day interactions are like spiritual flayings, and some evenings are marathons of drinking and eating and drinking some more, it might very well be that our sleep time needs to become a part of our daytime. The NY Post mentions MetroNaps, a midtown power-nap-orium, which hopes to become a destinations for stressed-out New Yorkers who need to rest. MetroNaps has 2001-looking "napping pods" in their Empire State Building space, where they charge $14 - or the price of a drink at a chichi bar - for a 20-minute nap (only 20 minutes, because, as anyone who has fallen asleep on a couch knows, more than 20 minutes makes you groggy). Hmm. It's a great idea, but we wonder, with building security the way it is these days, how long the actual trip would take. If you work in midtown and walk over, you still need to wait in line to be allowed up. Has anyone gone there? Gothamist has been in favor of "mid-afternoon nap" since since pre-school. We just think that napping venues need to be even more easily accessible - like over a Starbucks, for instance. Or under the desk, as in the Seinfeld episode, The Nap where George has Jerry's contractor build him a special napping spot under his desk.

The MetroNaps website; you can reserve for napping time, as well as get special monthly or yearly passes. And there are corporate programs too.