2005_10_sidewalk.jpgThere's nothing the Post likes more than public sex stories. On Saturday, they plastered a photograph of a demure-looking Connecticut woman, Caitilin Clonan, on the cover along with the headline "Caitlin's Sex and the City and proceeded to explain how she and her boyfriend were caught kinda naked on First Street near Sixth Avenue by a police officer last Thursday. Clonan says it was a mistake, and she and boyfriend Philip Conlan were charged with public lewdness (she was naked from the waist down, Conlan had his clothes on, though the "status of his zipper was unclear") and will have to do some community service. Clonan tells the Post, "We were walking down a dark street in Brooklyn. I didn't think it was a big deal." Excellent: This proves that no matter many Gaps come into Park Slope, there is hope for grit by way of drunken young lovers!

What Gothamist would like to know is how they managed to have a sidewalk quickie given the rainy weather last week; at least the dog poo and piss would be mostly washed away. And in late August, a drunken couple trying to do it on a mattress left on a Park Slope sidewalk was photographed by a passer by.