Around 7 a.m., a Staten Island woman standing a block away from her home was fatally struck by an out-of-control livery car. The Staten Island Advance reports, "Sylvie Cameron, 48, was standing at the intersection of Vanderbilt and Tompkins avenues... when the 66-year-old driver of a Clifton Car Service 2001 Crown Victoria hit her." Cameron had been walking to the bus stop to head to work.

The Advance also says, "The car then jumped the curb, leaving a path of destruction as it tore through a lawn and a fence before lodging itself in the alley between 140 and 144 Vanderbilt Avenue." A neighbor said the impact sounded like a "bomb" and a source suggests the livery car's 66-year-old driver had a stroke or seizure. The driver has not be charged.

Cameron, a single mom and former Army cook, worked at Metropolitan College as a graduate coordinator; her bio says, "She is a strong advocate for life-long learning." Her daughter said, "She took care of her family. he was sweet and honest." A week and a half ago, a livery car jumped a curb in the Bronx, crashing into a Bronx shelter, killing a man and injuring six others; the livery car driver said he was swerving to avoid a car making an illegal U-turn.