2008_12_siteen.jpgA group of Staten Island teens who survived a near brush with death after their car flipped over last week appear to have learned a valuable lesson...that faces full of scars make for great MySpace photos. After one of the six teenage boys in the car last Friday spilled the beans to the SI Advance about what was just regular old 100 mph ride in 17-year-old Justin Sacchi's Nissan before the airborne turn that would flip them over five times, the group then refused any further comments. Except for Sacchi's mother, that is--she denied any speeding and blamed a "dangerous bump" on the exit ramp that the DOT should have fixed years ago. But kudos to the Advance for checking the teens' MySpace pages where they publicly bragged about hitting 103 mph and the 10 feet of air they caught, one changed his user name to "We CheAteD DeAtH iTseLf" and another listed his mood as "high on morphine." The profiles still appear to be unlocked.