A Staten Island teenager is in critical condition after she was run over in a chain reaction car crash in front of Tottenville High School yesterday. At around 11:30 am, a Nissan Maxima stopped to allow 17-year-old senior Janine Brawer to cross Luten Avenue. But as she crossed the street, a Saturn rear-ended the Nissan and pushed the car into the teen, pinning her beneath it. Rescue workers extracted Brawer — who suffered cardiac arrest during the collision — and transported her to Staten Island University Hospital, where she underwent surgery and remains in "grave condition," according to police.

No charges have been filed against either of the drivers, both of whom are believed to be students at the school. The incident immediately sparked questions about whether or not traffic calming devices like crosswalks or speed bumps should be installed on the avenue, which does not have any stop signs or traffic lights. A plan to install speed bumps was once scrapped because of school bus traffic.